What Aftermarket Car Products Are A Good Idea?

What Aftermarket Car Products Are A Good Idea?

Aftermarket car products are popular options that people indulge in after purchasing a vehicle. They can range from services to physical components. Some of these aftermarket car products are extremely useful while others are no help at all. Let’s find out the difference!

Before we get started, you should know that any aftermarket car product that changes how your vehicle looks or performs could potentially lower your vehicle’s value. In some cases, it may even void your warranty. Engineers spend a lot of time (and we are talking about thousands of hours) making sure that a vehicle performs well with the included equipment. When you decide to slap on parts that were not designed for it, all that work goes out the window.

Spoiler alert

Spoiler alertWe’ve all seen sports cars with what appears to be some sort of makeshift airplane wing on the rear deck. Trust us, they don’t need them. Spoilers are designed for very high-speed vehicles to help in creating downforce, which increases traction. At highway speeds, this is not necessary. While some cars do come with a spoiler as a stylish flair, monstrous aftermarket spoilers actually decrease the value of your car and in some cases can destabilize handling.

Sorry to spoil your fun, but the verdict is: Avoid

Mind the GAP

Mind the GAPGAP insurance can help you immensely in the event of an accident. Depending on how a vehicle is financed, a person may owe more on the vehicle than it’s actually worth. GAP insurance covers the “gap” between these two values so you don’t get stuck with the bill. (By the way, GAP actually stands for Guaranteed Asset Protection. It’s just a coincidence that it happens to be a great descriptor of what it does.) This add-on can be purchased from nearly any insurance company, and it’s not very expensive.

Verdict: Don’t get caught without it

Shady situation

Shady situationIn regions with a prodigious amount of sunlight, window tint makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, the law does not always agree with this method of keeping your car’s interior cool. In fact, there can be severe fines for heavy window tint in many states. If you are going to have your windows tinted, make sure that they are within the legal limits for where you live.

Our verdict: Proceed with caution

Sign up for service

Vehicles, no matter how well they are built, will need repairs from time to time. Since you know it’s not a matter of if but when, you can play the odds in your favor by opting for a service contract with your dealership. As a cross between insurance and a warranty, this contract will help defray the cost of unexpected repairs so you aren’t left scrambling at the worst possible time.

Our verdict: Go for it!

Here at Advantage Car & Credit, we only offer the aftermarket add-ons that bring value to your vehicle and peace of mind to your life. If you’d like more information on the services and programs that we provide or to learn about our extensive inventory, please contact us today.