Spring Cleaning — How To Get Your Car Ready

Spring Cleaning — How To Get Your Car Ready

Since you’re stuck at home, now is a great time to give your car a thorough spring cleaning. Restore it’s shine and show some love to the interior!

Clean the interior

Clean the interiorStart with the interior. To declutter, throw away any trash. Next, organize the items you store in the car. Then dust all the surfaces, and use a fine-bristled brush to remove dirt and crumbs from seat cushions. Vacuum to remove all loosened dirt and use a good interior cleaner to make your car feel new again.

Snowy shoes track dirt onto your car’s floor mats and carpet. RoadLoans suggests loosening the embedded grime with a stiff brush and then vacuuming it away. Besides the floor of the cabin, be sure to clean the trunk. If the mats are looking worn, replacing them will help give your car an inner facelift.

Clean the exteriorClean the exterior

To clean the exterior gently and thoroughly, it’s best to handwash it. Instead of using a household soap, which doesn’t preserve the natural finish, use a car wash solution. After washing, rinse and dry with a microfiber towel to remove excess water. Hand-drying is better than air-drying because it helps clear any remaining dirt or minerals.

To clean tires, loosen the dirt with a stiff brush, and use a toothbrush to remove grime from the smaller parts. Then clean with a product that doesn’t contain acid or harmful chemicals. While you’re working on the tires, check the tread to see if they need replaced.

Spring cleaning your car should also include hosing off the underbody to get rid of rock salt that can collect. According to CarBibles, this accumulation may cause corrosion and impair the integrity of your ride.

Replace wiper bladesDo the windows last. To clean, spray glass cleaner on a microfiber cloth. Afterward, roll down the windows and remove any grime at the top.

Replace wiper blades

Your wipers may have a bit of wear after the snow and ice of winter, and you’ll need them working at their best during the spring rains. A new set is inexpensive and takes only a minute to install.

Check under the hood

Check under the hoodBefore you’re completely ready to hit the road, make sure your engine is running well. Schedule an oil change and check your fluids. Test your battery, inspect your air filter, and check your lighting. These checks are all needed for safety, and they can be done quickly.

If your car is unreliable despite these measures, it might be time to consider replacing it with a dependable late-model used car. Check out our inventory at Advantage Car and Credit, as our vehicles are inspected and have warranties. We offer financing options for all credit types, so you can drive off in a new ride today!

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