How To Get Your Car Ready For Summer

How To Get Your Car Ready For Summer

Do you have a road trip planned for the summer? What about daily outdoor activities for your kids that require a commute? The warm weather is here, so now is the time to get your vehicle ready for high temperatures. With the proper summer car maintenance, you and your passengers can enjoy frequent outings without the interruption. The ideal place to get this done is at your local car dealership. You need to make sure that you schedule an appointment with the service department as soon as possible. This will reduce wait time and eliminate the possibility of additional visits.

For your next car maintenance appointment, here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind.

Oil and other fluids

Oil and other fluidsDuring the winter months, your car engine works harder than normal. This causes its vital fluids to quickly diminish. Because of this, you might find yourself at a disadvantage when summer rolls around. can withstand high heat, but they also have limits.

You are probably aware of the necessity of regular oil changes, but did you know that fully synthetic oils are the best type to protect your engine in warm weather? This type of oil optimizes engine efficiency and reduces oil consumption. If you’re unsure about how often you should change the motor oil, consult your owner’s manual to look for recommendations.

Other essential fluids that you need to monitor are brake fluid, transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, power-steering fluid and coolant. Their levels contribute to the overall functionality of your vehicle.

Rubber parts

Rubber partsExtreme high temperatures can compromise the performance of the rubber parts underneath your car’s hood. Rubber radiator and heater hoses generally last for approximately four years. A hose may appear to be in good condition, but it might actually have cracks and leaks in the inner liner. The same holds true for v-belts and serpentine belts, also known as drive belts. These components might have soft spots and/or worn areas or might need adjustments.

Along with the right amount of windshield washer fluid, you need operable wiper blades. They are essential for clearing rain, dirt and debris from your windshield at a moment’s notice. A skilled technician can examine these interior and exterior rubber parts for deterioration and a quality fit.

Battery function

Battery functionJohn Banta, the lead battery tester for Consumer Reports, stated that “routine inspection is as important for the battery as it is for the rest of the car.” He also mentioned that automobile owners should be proactive about servicing and replacing their car’s battery to avoid being stranded.

In the same article, the American Automobile Association, Inc. (AAA) reported that it responded to 1.8 million battery-related service calls in the summer of 2018. Why? Because warm weather temperatures are tougher on car batteries than the brutal chill of low temperatures. The rising heat under the hood affects the generation of power and speeds up battery failure.

Prepare yourself for worry-free road trips and excursions by scheduling a summer car maintenance appointment.

If you’d like to learn more about your next car maintenance or to explore our vast inventory of used vehicles, contact Advantage Car & Credit today.

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