Get the Most out of Your Test Drive

Get the Most out of Your Test Drive

Get the Most out of Your Test Drive

The average price for a new car in 2019 averages about $37,000. Used cars, on the other hand, average around $19,000 for a low-mileage, late-model used car. With that kind of investment, it’s best to do your due diligence when making a purchase, and one of the most critical aspects of the car-buying journey is the test drive.

Here are several ways to get the most out of your test drive

Understand the purpose of the test drive. A test drive is not a joy ride, it is one way to make sure the vehicle is a good fit for you and the way you drive. You want to be satisfied with your purchase, so a thorough test drive is a necessary part of the car buying process. You want to use the test drive to mimic your day-to-day driving activities, so drive as you typically would every day. Try out the car on the highway and see how it handles in city traffic. You don’t want to make an expensive commitment only to be disappointed during your commute.

Get the Most out of Your Test DriveKnow what you are looking for in a vehicle

Take into account your other behaviors. Do you take road trips often? Need to pack for a large family? Do all the seats have ample legroom for you and your passengers? Is the vehicle comfortable to sit in? You don’t want to find out that your new vehicle is a mismatch after you’ve already signed the paperwork.

Pay attention to the details

It is often tempting to pay most of your attention to the major purchase factors such as price, vehicle size, or trunk space. Don’t, however, forget to check on the smaller details. If you are looking for specific features such as Bluetooth connectivity or Apple CarPlay, make sure you ask before you just assume these features are included. Before shopping, make a list of the special features you would like your car to have, such as cruise control, rearview camera, in-console navigation, satellite radio, etc. When you find the vehicle that suits your needs, make sure that all those features work properly. You don’t want to find out that your navigation doesn’t work when you pull out of your driveway for a road trip.

If you are new to the car buying game, bring someone along that has some experience with cars and knows what to look for. Have an idea about what you are looking for before you hit the lot. And don’t be afraid to test drive more than one car. You are making a big purchase, and you want to know you are making the right decision for you. At Advantage Car & Credit, we have six locations and over 240 vehicles. We know we can get you into the right car for you. Contact us today to schedule your test drive!

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