Finding The Right Family Car

Finding The Right Family Car

Choosing the proper family vehicle is one of the most important purchases anyone can make. Think about it – we spend a lot of time in the car going to and from work, picking your kids up from school, taking road trips, and even teaching your teenager how to drive (we’ll help you pick out their first car in another article). We say all of that to make a point – car shopping for your family vehicle isn’t something that should be taken lightly.

We know that, which is why we’re going to provide you with some important things to consider when purchasing a new family vehicle. From vehicle safety to third-row seats, we’re going to make sure to arm you with all the information you need before making that big decision. There are tons of other factors that can come into play when shopping for your new family vehicle. Things like color, interior finishes, and entertainment all play an important role in the process, but for right now, we’re going to focus on the functionality you’ll notice every time you go for a ride.

Technology: Everyone’s constantly plugged in, and that doesn’t stop, even when you’re in the car. Nobody wants to be the one that runs out of juice, especially if you’re on a road trip. If this sounds like your family, then a vehicle with an abundance of USB ports and outlets is essential.

Seating: Big family? Starting a carpool? Then third-row seats could be a must. This optional row of additional seating can mean the difference between a comfortable ride to soccer practice and a cramped one. When you’re not using the third-row seats, then most times, they can be folded down to create additional storage.

Safety: Vehicle safety matters… A lot. In a world where drivers are susceptible to more distractions than ever, you can never be too careful. A great place to start is to review sites that detail vehicle safety ratings. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is the industry standard.

Storage: Whether it’s just quick trips to the store or a weeklong road trip, storage should play an important factor in any car shopping scenario. Don’t underestimate the amount of space groceries, some basketballs, and a few pairs of shoes takes up. And you can never have too many cup holders or places to hide your sunglasses.

Fuel Efficiency: Gas can be expensive, we know. That’s why it is important to keep fuel economy in mind as you shop for your family vehicle. If you have a long commute or must make a lot of trips throughout the day, maybe consider a hybrid or an electric car. For quick facts on fuel efficiency in vehicles, check out fueleconomy.gov.

Advantage Car & Credit is a great place to find your ideal family vehicle. We make car shopping easy by providing you and your family with stellar service from the time you walk onto the lot until long after you’ve driven off in your new car.