Lifetime Warranty

Included With Purchase

Covered for Life


All internally lubricated parts, Engine Block, Cylinder Head(s) if damaged as a result of a mechanical failure to an internally lubricated part and intake/Exhaust manifolds; Mounts, Expansion Plugs; Pulleys; Harmonic Balancer; Oil Pan; Timing Chain Cover; Valve Cover(s); Water Pump; Thermostat and Thermostat Housing.

Transmission/Transfer Case

All internally lubricated parts; Gear Cases and Housing if damaged as a result of a mechanical failure to an internally lubricated part; Torque Converter; Flywheel/Flex Plate; Vacuum Modulator Valve; TV Cable; Mounts; Oil Pan; TCM; Solenoids; Cooler and Metal Cooler Lines.

Drive Axle

All internally lubricated parts; Gear Cases and Housing if damaged as a result of a mechanical failure to a lubricated part; Axle Shafts and Bearings; C.V. and Universal Joints; Propeller Shafts; 4WD Actuator.


(Factory Installed Only)
All Internally lubricated parts including: Turbine; Turbine Shaft; Valves and Housing if damaged as the result of a mechanical failure to an internally lubricated part.


Also included with purchase

$200.00 – Tire Road Hazard
$200.00 – Towing
$200.00 – Vehicle Exterior Package
$300.00 – Ambulance
$300.00 – Emergency Road Service
$300.00 – Trip Interruption
$100.00 – Lock-Out Service


The Loyalty Advantage Benefit Package

When you purchase a vehicle from our dealership, you will receive a personalized Loyalty Advantage Benefit Package. Your package will be filled with valuable Reimbursements and coupons. This is our way of saying, “Thank you for your business!”

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Xtreme wrap

Optional With Purchase

Drive with Confidence



Starter, starter solenoid, seals and gaskets, alternator, voltage regulator, distributor, ignition coil, wiring harness, starting solenoids, brake lights switch, horns, manually operated switches, power door locks, power trunk solenoid, window motors and regulators, mirror motors, power antenna motor, power seat motor, cruise control, memory seat switches.

Fuel delivery

Fuel pump, fuel tank lift pump, sending unit, metal fuel lines, fuel injectors, fuel injector pump, fuel injection valve, throttle body, cable, position sensor, and linkage. Seals and gaskets are covered for listed components.

Air Conditioning

(Factory Installed Units Only) Air conditioner compressor, clutch, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, seals and gaskets


Radiator, radiator mounting brackets, fan shroud, fan control module, coolant recover unit, heater ducts, blower motor, heater core, fan, fan clutch, and fan motor.


Struts, strut bar, bushings, mounting plates, retainers, seals and gaskets, upper control arm, lower control arm, control arm shafts, control arm bushings, upper ball joints, lower ball joints, steering knuckle and wheel bearings.

Power steering

Power steering pump and hoses, electric power steering motor and steering rack.

Brake System

Master cylinder, Power Assist Booster, Wheel Cylinders, Metal Hydraulic Lines and Fittings, Electronic Anti-Lock Brake System, ABS Wheel Speed Sensors and Brake Calipers and Rotors.

This is an overview of coverage. Please see actual Service Agreement and Warranty Agreement for all details relating to coverages, limitations, and exclusions. A $250 deductible per incident applies.